Grocery Store Tour- Shop like a Nutrition Expert!

Are you someone who goes to the grocery store with intentions of buying healthy food but have the deer-in- headlights look once you get there? 

Join Megan, our holistic nutrition expert, as she leads you on an informative and eye-opening tour of Woodman's. You'll learn tricks to eating healthy on a budget, reading food labels, identifying deceptive packaging (you'll be very surprised!!), avoiding foods that cause overeating, and keeping your cupboards healthy and nourishing!

Cost: $79

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You'll learn:

  • How to save money on healthy food

  • How to avoid devious food marketing tricks

  • How to read a nutrition label (you'll be surprised!)

  • How to avoid buying impulse items you don't need

  • The secrets to buying the healthiest meats & dairy

  • The politics of grocery store layouts & food marketing


Food changes everything.







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