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​Are you sick & tired of being sick & tired?

Have you tried every diet under the sun to find none produce glowing health & long-term results?

Are cravings & bad habits sabotaging your health goals?


Welcome to your solution!

Weight loss & body fat percentage will be measured biweekly for 14 weeks; the contestant who loses the most body fat at their 14 week point wins the contest. This is the only weight loss challenge to holistically address all prime causes of weight gain- such as cravings, sugar addiction, health conditions, stress, or improper diet for your body type, ensuring you have all of the tools necessary to achieve permanent results and a lifetime of balance.  Learn more about our approach here.

Your program includes 12 personalized appointments with Certified Health Counselor Megan, handouts, recipes, helpful resources, food & wellness samples, and full support from Megan between appointments.



·         Must have at least 15 pounds to lose

·         Must not have had weight loss surgery in the last year

·         Must not be already enrolled in health counseling program


During the program you will:
• Set and accomplish goals
• Explore new & enjoyable foods
• Understand and reduce cravings
• Increase energy
• Feel better in your body
• Improve personal relationships
• Increased confidence and self-esteem
• Reduce stress
• Improve management and healing of illnesses. 

Prize: $100 gift card & a
1 hour full-body massage!

To enroll, set up your FREE consultation TODAY!!

Enrollment ends January 31, so time is limited! Contact Megan here.

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